Crouch End Childminders

About us 

Hello! We are fun & loving Ofsted registered childminders in a lovely, bright, spacious home on NELSON ROAD, Crouch End, N8. We were awarded as 'GOOD' by OFSTED in August 2015. Our home is very children centred with large spaces for play & activities. We have a wide variety of quality toys, equipment and resources to ensure that the children have the opportunity to have fun while they play and learn. Our days are well structured, with plenty of scope for spontaneity if the opportunity arises! Activities focus on art, sport, music, dance and messy play, as well as the interests of the children. Outing days and visits to the zoo, museums, local parks & farms are a regular feature and thoroughly enjoyed. Healthy meals and snacks are provided.

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our setting

We are located on NELSON ROAD, N8 9RT,  just off  of Ferme Park Road in a large, bright and spacious home. We are a ten minute walk to Hornsey station and buses to Finsbury park tube.

Hours of operation are Monday -Friday 8am-6pm




Our Aim

Our aim at Crouch End Childminders is to provide a loving, caring and safe environment for your child, where your child can explore, develop and have fun. We offer all of our children the oppurtunity to learn through both everyday and planned experiences. We believe in developing thier language skills, their confidence and their independance. We do this through having fun and being creative. We enjoy giving children the best experiences that they can have.


Activities & Days out

๏ปฟWe run a well structured day and have a wide variety of quality toys, equipment and resources. Activities are based on the children's interests and developmental needs. We take our children out every morning to do a variety of activities across the week including;


Local stay & plays, playgroups & Children's Centres, 

Trips to the farm

Days out to the park & feeding the ducks, 

Parks, playgrounds, 

Trips to London zoo, 

Picnics, woodland walks, 

Soft play activities, 

Music & Dance, 

Sports including; Toddler Squad, Tots Tennis


Babies & Toddlers

The children we look after are aged 4 months to 3 years. As you can imagine their needs and interests are very different, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a stimulating environment for all. Whether it's on a visit to the zoo or investigating the objects in a treasure basket, we make sure there is something for everybody. Particular interests are also catered for by observing what is really enjoyed and then offering further activities, whilst those who can speak for themselves just ask!


Healthy Lifestyle

We are great believers in that learning how to live a healthy life starts at a very young age and that parents and carers are the best role models. We encourage, 'work, rest and play', as the saying goes! This means pleanty of physical activity, rest time, problem solving & thinking times, a good diet and attention to social and emotional development.

Healthy eating at Crouch End Childminders, once the child is weaned we provide all meals and snacks. These are healthy, nutritious and freshly cooked from good quality ingredients.(no added salt/sugar, organic where possible) Meal and snack times are positive times and are made enjoyable and fun. Where possible, children are involved in the preparations and menu choice. Children are encouraged and helped to be independent, well mannered and sociable. We also use these times to practice counting, naming and describing to promote their language and mathematical development.

We provide good quality, freshly home cooked food, fruit and vegetables. Including breakfast, lunch, tea and healthy snacks and encourage the children to drink plenty of water throughout the day.



Being outdoors

Children love to be outside and we are great believers that weather permitting children should be outside everyday, we love to visit all of our local parks & farms.

We have a lovely garden where the children can play with the larger toys, cars, bikes etc as well as sand and water play.